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Information Regarding Atheros 9485GN Wireless Card

    Imogene Crowell wrote on 2018-01-25  Thu

    I have an HP 2000-299WM laptop and the manual states that I can upgrade my wireless card to an Atheros 9485GN 802.11b/g/n 1×1 WiFi and 3012 Bluetooth 4.0 Combo Adapter (Part # 655795-001).

    My question about this item is what are the speeds on the 2.4 GHz band?
    My other question would be is where can I find the latest driver for this wireless card?
    I didn't know which one to choose on your website https://www.ath-drivers.eu/atheros-wireless-drivers.html.

    Please get back to me whenever you can.

    Thank you,
    Marcus Crowell

Reply: Information Regarding Atheros 9485GN Wireless Card

    IronKey wrote on 2018-01-29  Mon
    Dear Marcus.

    The AR9485 single-chip PCI Express solution features Qualcomm Align 1-stream 802.11n. The AR9485 is backward compatible to 802.11b/g and forward compatible to multi-stream 11n. Targeting the growing value computing products market segment with 150 Mbps PHY rates, Align is the ideal technology for computing users seeking robust throughput, enhanced range and extended battery life for data networking applications as well as P2P applications.
    The Atheros 9485GN is a combined 802.11b/g/n 1x1 WiFi and 3012 Bluetooth 4.0 adapter.
    The maximum theoretical transmission speed in 802.11n in 20MHz bandwidth is 150 Mbps Data Rate.


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